Hvalreki Animation

The medium of computer animation allows us to express imagery and ideas that are otherwise not feasible to create using live action assets. We utilize both two dimensional and three dimensional animations to convey narratives, instruction, and data visualization.

3D Animations & Visualizations

Currently, our 3D animation portfolio consists of the construction of urban environments—both interiors and exteriors—and backplates for greenscreen shots.

Click on the thumbnails below to play some of our videos.

"The Optical Art"

"The Optical Art" by Jasper K. Lown

"The Birth of a Metropolis"

"The Birth of a Metropolis" for Project Ed

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2D Animations & Motion Graphics

Whereas our 3D work primarily enriches the aesthetics of an environment, our 2D work ascribes visual meaning to data and text. Through kinetic typography and motion graphics, we extend the understanding of information into the visual realm.

"How to Use a Waterpik Water Flosser"

"How to Use a Waterpik™ Water Flosser" for Waterpik™

"Do The Ride Thing!"

"Do The Ride Thing!" for the ATV Safety Institute

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