Hvalreki Videography

Video and short film production is our bread and butter. Since 2008 we have been honing our visual storytelling craft. Our varied work includes original music videos, instructional videos, journalistic reports, and narrative short films.

Music Videos

Our music videos unite our passions for visual and tonal art. The videos serve as extensions to the lyrical content of the musical tracks, through both literal illustration and symbolic interpretation.

Click on the thumbnails below to play some of our videos.

"The Optical Art"

"The Optical Art" by Jasper K. Lown

"A Song For Annabel Lee"

"A Song For Annabel Lee" by Jasper K. Lown

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Instructional and Educational Videos

As life-long learners, we are proud to share our knowledge with a wide audience through our videos. No limits bound the set of subject matter we cover.

Click on the thumbnails below to play some of our videos.

"The Birth of a Metropolis"

"The Birth of a Metropolis" for Project Ed

"How to Use a Waterpik Water Flosser"

"How to Use a Waterpik™ Water Flosser" for Waterpik™

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Short Films

Simple narrative videos are where we got our start, and after a long hiatus, are what we strive to create more of in the near future.