You Must Be Johnny

Short Film, 2015

"You Must Be Johnny"
Directed by Brandon J. Lown
Cinematography by Jasper K. Lown
Written by Benjamin MacRae

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Greg and Laura prepare their less socially adept friends Rachael and Johnny for a blind date with each other. Through the tedium of preparing for a date, Rachael and Johnny demonstrate that they have more in common than they could have imagined.


  • Laura and Rachael lay on a bed, chatting.

    Laura (Jax Turyna) and Rachael (Robyn Coffin) discuss important matters regarding the blind date.

  • Greg calms Johnny, who has just caught a glimpse of his date.

    Greg (Rich Rose) calms Johnny (Jimmie Tolliver), who has just caught a glimpse of his blind date.

  • The on-set cast and crew of "You Must Be Johnny".

    The on-set cast and crew of "You Must Be Johnny" celebrate the completion of principal photography.

Robyn Coffin Rachael
Jimmie Tolliver Johnny
Jax Turyna Laura
Rich Rose Greg
Brandon J. Lown Director & Producer
Jasper K. Lown Director of Photography, Producer, Editor, & Composer
Benjamin MacRae Writer
Scott Wagoner Jr. Boom Operator
Pam Huff Script Supervisor
Terrance Laws-Simmons Production Assistant
Eric Stolte Production Assistant


The "You Must Be Johnny" Official Soundtrack consists of short instrumental textures composed by Jasper Lown. Four of the main pieces from the film are available to stream online.

Take a listen below!