Hvalreki Music

Hvalreki focuses on creating ambient and post-rock standalone pieces, commercial jingles, and short film scores.

Commercial and Educational Jingles

Hvalreki began exploring music as a creative medium when he was presented with the chance to create educational public service announcements. Since that first opportunity, he has cultivated a collection of catchy jingles that serve to educate or advertise.

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Film Scores

In line with Hvalreki Media's policy of creating assets in-house, Hvalreki naturally composes the film scores and background music for his visual works.

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Ambient and Post-Rock Music

Hvalreki records songs that best fall into the musical genres of "Post-Rock" & "Ambient". Hvalreki is currently putting together a collection of original songs, so there are presently no samples of this facet of his work on the website.